Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wide Awake Babies

It seems lately that most of my newborn babies have decided that they like to be awake during their sessions. Though the parents will tell you, usually they never stay awake that long on a normal day. That is just how it goes, babies are unpredictable and that is why no two sessions are ever alike. It makes my job fun and challenging, but I know sometimes it can be stressful for sleep deprived parents. Just smile and know that usually by the end they are just so worn out that we can get at least one or two sleepy images, even if it is just a cat nap!


My two kids, like many others are either good buddies, or picking at each other. This happened to be a good moment, where dad had given them the idea of box boarding. Now of course the logical mom side of me is thinking, "great,somebody is going to knock out a tooth, break an arm or end up bloody". But the fun side of me says, "come on you used to do stuff just like this", they are having fun and sometimes I have to just ignore the logical mom side.