Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Craft Nut

Alright, I know I already shared today, but wanted to just share my first block completed. I am one of those impatient, instant gratification type of people, so long term projects are hard for me to stay on track with. This has definitely been one of those projects, but I am going to keep plugging away slowly and hopefully in the coming months I will have an embroidered quilt to share with you all. Oh, and thanks Tricia for the kind words!


A little bit of a big project I have been working on for about two months now, called Truly Scrumptious ( available at treasuredthreads.typepad.com) . It is little hand embroidered fairies, 9 to be exact 7 are finished and then they will be blocks placed insides of a patchwork type quilts. Something to do while watching American Idol, since I can never seem to just do nothing. Thought I would just share a little of my embroidery passion with you since these fairies are so cute, just like some of the fairy princesses I am lucky to capture in images.