Sunday, January 20, 2008


Ok, I know many of you will be laughing at how crazy you think I am, but I can not help it, I'm a softie. When my husband was trimming trees late today, these fell out of a nest that we thought was empty after poking it. The mom did not come back and then it was storming so we are going to feed and keep them tonight and see if she will come back tomorrow. So I went in the storm to the pet store to purchase puppy formula and have feed them with a syringe. I know that it is a good possibility that they will not be alive when I wake up tomorrow, but we are just doing what we can to keep them alive. My kids understand that sometimes nature is cruel, but that is how the population is controlled, not everyone makes it. But if you do what you can and give it your best effort that is all you can do. I know I am crazy they are squirrels, but so ugly that they are cute. After looking up information on the Internet, that are about 7-10days old. For some reason, as my friends know, my house tends to be the destination for lost or abandoned birds, critters etc.

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