Tuesday, February 19, 2008


What a wonderful time we had in North Carolina. I thought I would share just a few quick images, as I do not have time to edit my own images right now. We took the kids skiing for the first time in Maggie Valley and after a bit of a rough start, everyone caught on and we enjoyed 7 hours of snow filled delight. Weird that it was warm and no snow actually in the mountains, just the man made snow at the ski resort. Photographs are not great, taken with a little point and shoot, but so glad to have one to fit in my pocket or I never would have captured anything at all. Oh and in the photograph of the mountain at night, the steep course to the left, the expert course, yeah my husband took my son up their by accident and there is no way down, but the hill. My son said he was super scared, but eventually he went down it and made it safely, thank Goodness. More to share later as I have emails and phonecalls to return and if you are waiting on proofs, I should have last weeks finished by tomorrow.

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