Monday, February 25, 2008


Lucky, as my kids named him was with us for 5 weeks. I posted a while ago that my husband had knocked two babies squirrels from their nest and the mother did not return. Well, the first one died after only one night, but Lucky kept growing and the weeks kept passing. I would feed him 4-5times a day, everyday and he seemed to be doing well. Our plan was to get him big enough to release back into the wild, about 14-16 weeks and he was going on his 5th week with us. Sadly, Saturday morning when I went to get him out and feed him, he had passed. Not really sure why, but they do say that at about his age they do tend to get seizures for some unknown reason. I know it is crazy, just a squirrel, but truly sad when he had become part of the family and we just wanted him to grow up and live a happy squirrel life. I will leave you with an image of him from 4weeks, his eyes still not opened as they were getting ready to before he passed. We will miss you Lucky!

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