Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Since I often get asked about my work spaces, I thought I would share. I recently redid the "Blood Red Room" as my husband would call it. It used to be the kids playroom, red walls, black frames with b/w images, that still have not found a new home yet. I did kick them out a while back but just recently redid the room. I saw a photo of a fabric designer, Heather Bailey's work studio and wanted something similar just on a smaller scale.

So this image is my sewing table, it is a kitchen set that I bought at my sister in laws neighbors garage sale for $25, such a steal! I was originally going to refinish, but love the shabby look and most of all love the chairs. So that is wear the sewing happens!

Next are two pieces of furniture that I repainted with my husband's air compressor and power spray paint gun....go power tools! These two pieces are great for storage and look cute with shelves to put nick knacks, books, thread etc. on. Also love my cute shelf that I sprayed and bought $1 ribbon at Michael's for a neat little accent. Just ignore that tall white fan back there.

On the other side of the room, I have great cabinets for storage, album stuff, photo stuff, order storage and shelves that go all the way across the room. I made the wonderful curtains, because my husband and myself were tired of looking at all the prop stuff. So you can see behind the curtains the mess it hides.

Last, but definitely not least, the place where I spend hours upon hours. You think it would be cleaner, but it's not. Oh and look the weather map is up on my computer screen, since lately I have to live by it! So there is a glimpse in to my little working space.

Have a great Day!

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