Thursday, June 19, 2008

What you can accomplish from 10pm-2am!

Ahhh, the quiet and stillness of my house from 10pm-2am last night allowed me to finish this quilt. I started it before I took my class, but thought I would use some of what I had learned. Well, trying to quilt a 6foot x 6foot quilt is a bit harder than a lap quilt. So I opted to do a quilted border again added some buttons, put on the binding and called it a night. The pattern is called Spiral Strips and it is in the book called Jelly Roll Quilts. I changed it a bit by adding two different sized borders instead of one and the added touch of the buttons. I used the jelly roll called Blossom by Urban Chicks and only had a few bits and pieces left out of the entire jelly roll. I would have photographed it last night, but had to wait until my invisible helpers were awake to hold it up for me to take a few quick images. Have a great Day!

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